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Currency, Shops, and Jobs

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Currency, Shops, and Jobs

Post by Takneil Valoren on Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:12 pm

Alright so you all are probably wondering "where is my money!?" well here we go, the currency of Drehlm is know as Drala they are small colored crystals that are used to trade for items,housing,food,etc... depending on the color the Drala will equal to a certain amount.

Green- 1 Drala

Blue- 5 Drala

Red- 10 Drala

Purple- 20 Drala

Black- 50 Drala

Gold- 100 Drala

Keep in mind that Drala is rewarded in each completed quest and thread. - Earning Drala in a Quest means that there is a set amount of how much Drala you get despite the size or how many posts are in the thread - Earning Drala in a Thread, for every three successful posts that a player makes within a thread you gain 1 Green Drala but don't get excited because you don't earn that Drala until the thread is completed and locked by an Admin. ______________________________________________________

Now then! Shops are an essential part of Drehlm for they allow players to purchase new things to aid them in their adventures, so at first I will open a few Basic Shops but later on once a player has reached the necessary requirements he or she may submit a request for a shop in the Market Districts and await for approval by an Admin. ______________________________________________________  

Finally we get to the Jobs, there will be a list of Jobs that players can have soon but for now it will be a thing you can look forward to. (Sorry for the tease but I want to clarify that we will have Jobs available)
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