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Rules of Magic Dynasty Roleplay

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Rules of Magic Dynasty Roleplay Empty Rules of Magic Dynasty Roleplay

Post by Takneil Valoren on Sat Apr 18, 2015 7:20 am

HELLO ONCE AGAIN MY DEAR ROLEPLAYERS! your uncle Tak has forgotten something very important about Magic Dynasty Roleplay...THE RULES!.

now there are many things I have to go through to make sure everybody has a great time on site so sit tight and hold your buns cause here we go!.

Rule 1: NEVER BULLY ANOTHER PLAYER! if anybody is to bully another on the site I will personally review the event and if I find that it is bullying I WILL BAN YOU! this includes Racism,Insulting, threatening, forcing somebody to give you their personal information or password to the site, etc...
Keep in mind that in character Bullying IS ALLOWED. this means that ONLY in interactions between characters it is not only allowed but encouraged though if it is found a bit to extreme you will be asked to tone it down.

Rule 2: The word requirement is going to be a minimum of 50...for now, I know that seems low and it tortures me but I'm going to let my soft side work for this one. this does not mean to only go to 50 and stop, it is highly encouraged to reach your fullest potential and if I see that you've been exceeding the minimum by a LOT I may even reward you with some...pretty cool stuff. BUT IF YOU ARE EXCESSIVELY GO UNDER THE REQUIREMENT I WILL RAISE THE MINIMUM TO AN ASTRONOMICAL AMOUNT!.

Rule 3: Follow the guidelines set by the Legends and Protectors, we are working really hard to make this an original Roleplaying site for all kinds of people and we are always open to new ideas but if you don't follow the rules we place none of us can have a good time... so please on everybody's behalf respect the guidelines and rules.

Rule 4: EVERYONE must follow a post order, meaning you take turns to post. this is a simple rule and one that is the most flexible, a person can be skipped in a post order if they remain inactive for too long preferably after three days of not posting, I know that's a long wait but sometimes people have things they need to do and it's better to give the benefit of the doubt. if it has been three days then send a message to person saying that they have been skipped and be POLITE about doing so.


Rule 6: when you make a thread you must classify in the title, the name, type, and if it contains over PG-13 roleplaying.

these will be the types of topics made...

[ST]-Solo Thread
Solo Threads are meant for when you go out on your own in the wild to take on some enemies or to complete a quest. if you start a Solo Thread I would appreciate it if you would let a Staff member know so that we can keep an eye on it to make sure you are heading in the right direction.


[ST] Midnight Hunting (Takneil)

[PT]-Private Thread
Private Threads are meant to be closed threads between you and the designated user, there is never a limit to how many Players can roleplay in a Private thread but only if they are the ones who originally started it.

for example... [PT] A new chapter for an old foe...(Takneil,Eclipse)

[OT]-Open Thread
an open thread is free to anyone who wishes to join and has no limit to how many people can participate unless stated by the topics original creator at time of creation.


[OT] To make friends

[IT]-Invite Thread
an Invite Thread is meant to be a closed thread but able to have random people join if invited by the creator, though if you really want in on a [IT] thread you can always ask.


[IT] A party with no host [NON PG-13]

Rule 6: Players ARE NOT allowed to create events without permission from a Staff member, there are always going to be events at certain times created by Staff but users are forbidden to do so. this is to maintain a very fragile plot line and help keep things fair. you can request an event to be made but there will be rules on that at a later date, right now just ask we will see if it is acceptable.
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