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What Races can I Roleplay as?

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What Races can I Roleplay as?

Post by Takneil Valoren on Sat Apr 18, 2015 7:22 am

Drehlm is an ever growing world stumbling upon new things almost everyday, and some of these discoveries turn out to be other Uncle Tak is here to show you what type of Hero you can be!...pssst I was told not to say this but be careful around Vantryrians, they tend to be very gassy.


Human: Say hello to the most basic race to ever roam Drehlm, humans are what you would expect them to be and take up most of the big cities like Alnagror, the humans can be found in all corners of Drehlm but they mostly keep away from each other due to previous wars between themselves...

Human Bonus: 2 free extra Skill points.

Draylorumnus: or commonly known as the Draylor, this race of beings exhibit supernatural features like archaic like symbols that glow when they use Magic. Draylorumus tend to have a very pale complexion and piercing glowing eyes.

Draylorumnus Bonus: +1 Magical Attack, + 1 Magical Defense.

Vantryrian: these spry beings are very fast and cunning, Vantryrians often have reptilian features including a long tail, random horns protruding from various places, and a long snake like tongue. and before you ask no...they do not have ssssss in their words unless they have a lisp.

Vantryrian Bonus: +1 Physical Attack, +1 Speed.

Reignum: these strange beings roam uninhabited areas searching for the of their scattered kind, very few Reignum are known to exist because they can alter their appearance minutely so that they can blend in with other races in passing's. the Reignum have a strong hatred for the Draylor due to the Draylor nearly wiping out the entire race of Reignum. The Reignum's true appearance is unknown but it is said they exhibit animal like features naturally.  

Reignum Bonus: 1 free Skill Point, +1 Magical Defense, + 1 Speed.

This list will be updated as more beings are discovered within Drehlm.
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