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You and Your Character

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You and Your Character

Post by Takneil Valoren on Sat Apr 18, 2015 7:36 am

Alright so once you get an item or some Drala you're probably wondering, "where do I keep track of this?" well you will be keeping track of your stuff within your Character's Book, it doesn't matter where you place it as long as a Staff member can easily see where you got it from. here's an example.

- 3 Green Drala,1 Blue Drala, and 1 Rusty Dagger. TOPICNAME

it is preferred that you link the actual thread to the Topic's name for easy access but if you don't it's no big deal.

now you have only 6 equipment slots for your character...

-Miscellaneous (Necklaces, Rings,Etc...)

you will put the items you have equipped into your Signature so others can see the badassness that is your character. Please state what they do in (ITEM EFFECT) besides the items name.

Rank 2
HP: 15/15
Drala: 0


Takneil Valoren

Weapon: Noxus Lamina [+2 PA,+2 MA.] {SPECIAL EFFECT: Deal Double PA DMG to nonplayer-enemies.}

Head: Creation Braenum's Halo [+1 MD,+1Speed]

Torso: Draze Essence Coat [+3 PD,+2 MD] {SPECIAL EFFECT: Able to Dodge one MA based attack per Enemy.}

Arms: Fingerless Gloves

Legs: Dra'kuun Leather Pants [+2 PD, +2 Speed.]

Miscellaneous: Dra'kuun Fang Necklace. {SPECIAL EFFECT: Regenerates Half DMG dealt}
Takneil Valoren
Takneil Valoren

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