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Kierra of the Hunter Tribe

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Kierra of the Hunter Tribe

Post by Kierra Hunter on Tue Apr 21, 2015 3:24 pm

Name: Kierra Hunter
Birthday: October 12
Height: 5'0''
Class: Warrior LVL 1

Physical Appearance: Kierra is a short girl of 5 feet, with fiery red hair. And her eyes are like vibrant amethysts. Her skin has been darkened quite a bit from roaming under the desert sun. She her face tattooed with white stripes just under her eyes because it felt like a good idea at the time.

Personality:She's a quiet, friendly girl who will be friends with anyone, before she judges them. She constantly wants to look for well paid work, but wants to hang out and relax as well. Easily excitable and talkative to Those she considers friends,  this being almost everyone she meets. Seems to like using g her height to hide and surprise people.

Outfit: She wears a simple get up made of a black cotton shirt with copper buttons and a blue silk undershirt. On top of this she wears a blue cotton vest which has Steel chain mail in between the layers of the vest. Along with black cotton pants. She has a red cotton scarf covering her mouth, and a fang necklace, that she found while hiding, in the Southern Deserts. And a head ring she was given by the Vantryrian she has been hiding with. She keeps her sword on her back unless her chains fail.

History: Being a Reignum, she hides in Vantryr posing a vantnryrian, hiding out and taking work as an apprentice anywhere she could, or hiding out as a red-haired cat. She firmly believes that her race has nothing to do with who she is but since the Draylor believe she should be dead, she hides. she has been on her own since she was 14, when her parents were found in Draylor and executed, in front of her hiding place. That day she swore to find a way to end the discrimination, but found it difficult to get other Reignum to support the cause instead of hiding. Despite the lack of help she still wants to end it so she looks for people who agree.

Strengths: Speed, Stealth, Chain manipulation

Weaknesses: Actual Magic, Long Range,

Weapon: Steel chains she had made, by a smith in Vantryr, and named, Spiral and Wire, hidden up her sleeves, unless she's using them. And they have larger rings attached on her upper arm, to keep them in her control.

Magic: She's able to control Steel items that she is touching. This only works if she has had several days in a row with uninterrupted  contact with them, and as soon as she loses her physical contact it returns to normal. Thus the attachment of her chains to her arms.


Physical Attack: 2
Physical Defense: 1
Magical Attack: 0
Magical Defense: 0
Speed: 2
Vitality: 0
Magic Skill: 0
Physical Skill: 2

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Re: Kierra of the Hunter Tribe

Post by Takneil Valoren on Wed Apr 22, 2015 10:24 am

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