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Post by Fulgur Terminus on Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:15 pm

Character Profile

Full Name*: Fulgur Dominus
Birthday*: 6/23/89
Gender*: Male
Race*: Human
Height: 6'5"
Outfit: Usually wearing dark clothing, reminiscent of the underside of a storm cloud.
Symbol Image: Fulgur Terminus FsAlOYm
Photo: Fulgur Terminus SCMhXUO

Character Background


Personality*: Fulgur embodies lightning in personality, and in actions. Wrathful, quick to anger, impulsive, destructive.

Previous School:
Relationships: Ouranos Terminus- Father (deceased)
Nyx Terminus- Mother (deceased)
Strengths: Powerful, fast, destructive, wrathful, decisive.
Weaknesses: Impulsive, wrathful, destructive,

Character Assets

Weapon Name*: Life's Terminus
Weapon Description*: A pair of metallic gauntlets that always encapsulate Fulgur's hands. These enable him to completely control the violent storm that rages within his soul. Also serves as his primary form of defense, using them to block strikes.

Magic Type*: Thunder's Wrath
Magic Description*: Fulgur is able to create and manipulate lightning. Fulgur has practiced with his semblance enough so that he can literally create a thunderstorm when he is angered. Fulgur uses this as his main source of combat. His weapon is able to channel his power into them, causing him to have much more destructive strikes.
Fulgur Terminus
Fulgur Terminus

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