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Nightmares and Their Categories

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Nightmares and Their Categories

Post by Takneil Valoren on Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:09 am

Alright so we are breaking down the Nightmares into Categories for simplicity's sake though each Category will have their own specific Nightmare you as the player can mostly decide what animal the Nightmare is with only a simple rule...


Category 1
These Nightmares are Weak,feeble creatures that are usually the scavengers of the group claiming the goods after the kill though when in packs they can be deadly.  Category 1 Nightmares are mostly Drehlm's natural wildlife corrupted through the Nightmare Fractures power.

Category 2
Formidable but still easily defeated with proper strategy Category 2 Nightmares are more imbued with The Nightmare Fracture's Magic and will be craving for battle. Category 2 Nightmares seem to be mad with anger and blood lust only looking to further the Nightmare Fractures Darkness.

Category 3
These Monsters live up to the status Nightmare and are dredged in the dark magic of The Nightmare Fracture. to face a Category 3 Nightmare and live to tell the tale is a feat in itself to conquer one in battle is near impossible, these Nightmares have left no trace of the animal it once was and have grown into grotesque forms that ooze with darkness.
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