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Post by Takneil Valoren on Wed Apr 22, 2015 11:52 am

Mythical creatures within Drehlm are naturally resistant to the tainting nature of the Nightmare Fracture, but even the mightiest will succumb, given enough time. The greatest of the tainted are listed here.

Dra'kuun: A race of mighty dragons, fallen to the pull of the Fracture. Aside from Night Terrors, there is no threat that is more dangerous then a Dra'kuun. stats to be determined...

Draze: The Draze is a powerful creature that lives in only the darkest places, the Shades of The Nightmare Fracture have corrupted this once magnificent beast with their own bodies slowly rotting away it’s very soul making it their thrall. once the beast has been corrupted the Shades fuse their own bodies with the Drake creating a powerful foe. Stats to Be Determined...

Lycro'uun: A once powerful magic user that became afraid of death. So, in a bid so retain power beyond the grave, the Lycro'uun sold themselves to the Nightmare Fracture, in exchange for eternal life.

More will be added as we come up with them.
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