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Skills to Pay the Bills

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Skills to Pay the Bills Empty Skills to Pay the Bills

Post by Takneil Valoren on Wed Apr 22, 2015 3:49 pm

A quick note before we begin.

PA=Physical Attack
PD=Physical Defense
MA=Magical Attack
MD=Magical Defense
PS=Physical Skill
MS=Magical Skill

Alright so now that is over Skills are ways for your Character to utilize their Magical or Physical technique, you can only uses skills available to your Class.

you can only obtain these Skills through purchasing them with Skill Points or SP, now the rule with using SP is that you will keep track of how many you have obtained overall so that Staff can make sure everybody is in the clear.

Activated skills must be used in battle and cost PS or MS to use

Activated Skills


Soul Slash-1 SP-Rank 1.
Using Physical Attack you are able to attack with Piercing DMG which ignores Defense. [Costs 1-PS to use]

Parry-1 SP-Rank 1.
Using Physical Attack you are able to block an attack with your Physical Attack rather than your Physical Defense. [Costs 1-PS to use]

Grit-2 SP-Rank 1.
by Taking DMG from your opponent you are able to attack them with your PA DMG + Half DMG received. [Costs 3-PS to use]


Ward-1 SP-Rank 1.
Double you MD for one turn. [Costs 2-MS to use]

Magic Blast-1 SP-Rank 1.
Your MA has Piercing DMG for one turn.[Costs 1-MS to use]

Incantation-1 SP-Rank 1.
Heal Self for MS*V.[Costs 1-MS to use]


Sidestep-1 SP-Rank 1.
Dodge a single attack.[Costs 1-PS to use]

Sneak Attack-1 SP-Rank.
Using your Stealth you can attack your opponent for PA*S.[Costs 2 SP to use]

Poison Gas-1 SP-Rank 1.
Using your MA you can weaken your opponent through your S+MA Vs their V subtract the difference from defense.[Costs 2 SP to use]

Passive Skills


Adrenaline Rush-3 SP-Rank 1.
+1 PA, +2 Speed, -10 HP.[Activates when PD is Broken.]

Courage-3 SP-Rank 1.
+2 PD, +1 V.[Activates when facing Higher Ranked Enemy.]

Warrior's Will-3 SP-Rank 1.
+3 PA, +3 PD. [Activates when at quarter HP.]

Valor-2 SP-Rank 1.
+1 PA, +1 PD. [Perma-Effect.]


Constitution-3 SP-Rank 1.
+1 MA,+ 1 V.[Perma-Effect]

Magic Veil-3 SP-Rank 1.
+2 MD, + 3 MS. [Activates when there are 3 or more enemies.]

Chain Cast-3 SP-Rank 1.
Able to cast two Spells in one turn at the cost of half potency. [Perma-Effect.]

Scholars Knowledge-2 SP-Rank 1.
+1 MD. [Perma-Effect.]


Stealth-3 SP-Rank 1.
+2 S. [Perma-Effect.]

Fleet Footed-3 SP-Rank 1.
+3 Spd. [Activates after you have Stolen an Item.]

Sharp Eye-3 SP-Rank 1.
Can use Physical Attacks from Long Range. [Perma-Effect.]

Slight Advantage-2 SP-Rank 1.
+2 to PA. [Perma-Effect.]

This list will be updated as more skills are thought of.
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