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Welcome To The Smoking Raven

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Welcome To The Smoking Raven

Post by Hara Stratos on Thu Apr 23, 2015 2:48 pm

"Hello and Welcome to the Smoking Raven! We have a few different rooms available for rent, 3 different meals and drinks ready as well to make sure your stay is comfortable and enjoyable, for the right Drala that is, so come in, and find a table, someone will be with you shortly!


Rooms for rent:
---Basic room: 5 Drala per night
[Restores HP up to half, Restores PS and MS up to half]

---Comfortable room: 18 Drala per night
[Restores full HP, Restores full PS and MS]

---Full Suite: 22 Drala per night
[Can Restore an entire Parties HP, PS,MS to full]


-Draylor Home baked Bread...
This bread is soft and sweet with a buttery crust that seems to melt in your mouth.

- 1 Slice= 2 Drala [Consumable, Restores 3 HP]

- Full Loaf= 10 Drala [Consumable, Restores 3 HP per slice, lasts up to 10 slices]

-Meat and Root Stew...
A popular stew with a savory broth, well seasoned beef, and roots from spices.

-1 Small Bowl= 2 Drala [Consumable, Restores 2 PS]

-1 Large Bowl= 5 Drala [Consumable, Restores 6 PS]

A simple sandwich thrown together from leftover meat from stew and bread, layered with a blend of 3 cheese.

-1 Small Sandwich= 2 Drala [Consumable, Restores 2 MS]

-1 Large Sandwich= 5 Drala [Consumable, Restores 6 MS]


Smoking Raven Burger...
This delicious burger can cause even Dragons to drool, the meat within the burger is spiced with many unique flavors and then combined with a spicy cheese sauce then to finish it off the bread is home baked with a secret ingredient which fuses sweet and spicy into perfection...

-1 Burger= 20 Drala [Restores Hp to Full]


Fruit Blend...
A simple fruit juice made from various fruits and sugar to taste really sweet, popular with kids.

-Glass= 2 Drala [Cures Paralysis Status]

More to come...
Hara Stratos
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