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Get your food at the Orchard Chariot

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Get your food at the Orchard Chariot

Post by Hara Stratos on Thu Apr 23, 2015 3:50 pm

"Come one come all, we've got some of the best food in the city, Don't be afraid to ask for a small taste, here try our bread! Or would you prefer to try a piece of a fruit? Or our meats?"

Fruit or Vegetable:
---Over-ripe: 1 Drala per 2 pieces
---Ripe: 1 Drala per 1 piece
---Stale: 1 Drala per loaf
---Fresh: 2 Drala per loaf
---Enriched: 3 Drala per loaf
---Dried and salted: 1 Drala per bag
---Fresh: 3 Drala per bag
---Prime cut: 5 Drala per bag
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Hara Stratos

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