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Making your Hero Part 2

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Making your Hero Part 2

Post by Takneil Valoren on Thu Apr 16, 2015 5:39 pm

HEY NOOBIES! so you finally made it past approval huh? well guess what? now you get to update your character sheet...AGAIN!.

So here is how this works you get 3 Skill Points to purchase Skills and your Beginning class which will determine how badass you are! because you know we all are badasses inside...well maybe that just to only me...moving on!.

So at Rank 1...which is where you ALL should be at your starting HP will be

HP:10 this will increase by 5 HP per Rank up.

now then how to become a badass like uncle at Rank you will start off with three skill points to use or SP now these can be used to acquire skills that are Physical Based or Magical Based. these skills will determine how much damage you can deal and take among many other things.


Physical Attack: 0

Physical Defense: 0

Magical Attack: 0

Magical Defense: 0

Speed: 0

Vitality: 0

Magic Skill: 0

Physical Skill: 0
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