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Hara Stratos

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Hara Stratos Empty Hara Stratos

Post by Hara Stratos on Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:02 pm

Name: Hara Stratos
Gender: Female
Race: Draylorumnus
Birthday: December 4
Class: Scholar LVL 1

Physical Appearance: A short 5'3'', but built of dense, lean muscle, Bright blue eyes and long black hair and with freckles and a scar across her nose and green fang like tattoos going down her cheeks from under her eyes, which glow bright green when she begins to cast magic. Smiles 90% of the time, and puts her hair up when she gets serious.

Personality:She trusts, and respects everyone, and is always ready to protect others if the worst happens, Always making sure there is an escape from every room. Straight to the point, fears secrets. She is quiet, but friendly, and always trying to maintain her strength, and abilities.

Outfit: Hara is always wearing an old, tattered, tan cloak, which she had gotten as a gift from her father, when she was enrolled into magic school, and an enchanted green scarf, that she purchased in Rosiria, to ward against adverse weather, over black silk pants and a green silk tunic.

History: Born under the Imperial Claw Constellation, in the Military District in Alnagror, Hara was born to a Captain in the army and the mans wife, a Lieutenant in the army as well. When she was 3, her powers manifested while she was playing on a swing set, she got excited and shot little purple sparks out all over, and lit her yard on fire, burning the whole yard. After it was put out after a couple water mages showed up, and that's when her father begun training her in basic elemental magic. By the time she was 10 and enrolled in an official magic school, she was able to manipulate and conjure her purple flames freely, as if it took no effort at all. This natural ability carried her through out her schooling, and her powers grew more refined and powerful and time flew, before she knew it she graduated.  After several years of roaming the country, taking in-numerous quests and jobs, as a Hero, Hara decided to head home. Until she was asked to be a Protector by the Braenums, which she accepted the request with haste, vigor, and honor. And currently spends much time at the Academy in Vakrosa studying to try to learn something more about control for her fire.

Strengths: Sharp hearing, Loyal, Speed, Close to mid range

Weaknesses: Colorblind, Dyslexic, Not Stealthy, Long range

Weapon: A great ax made of solid steel, with 3 fang like tips, sticking off each side near the top, roughly 5' tall and weighs in at around 35 pounds, Heavily enchanted to prevent dulling of the blades or breaking of the pole.

Magic: Fire based: Able to summon and control Purple Fire near perfectly, know to use it for making bound weapons of fire, a shield, sword, or other various weapons, and even the occasional fireball or wall of flame.

Physical Attack:
Physical Defense:
Magical Attack:2
Magical Defense:2
Magic skill:1
Physical skill:

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Scholar Rank 1
HP: 10/10
Drala: 0


Weapon: Heavy Echo
Head: Simple Head Band
Torso:Basic Green Silk Tunic
Legs: Basic Black Silk Pants
Misc: Weather Shield Scarf,
Hara Stratos
Hara Stratos

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Hara Stratos Empty Re: Hara Stratos

Post by Takneil Valoren on Thu Apr 16, 2015 8:54 pm

Takneil Valoren
Takneil Valoren

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