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Post by Jaecer Klein on Thu Apr 16, 2015 10:50 pm

Name: Jaecer Klein
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Birthday: 9th of February
Age: 21
Height: 6'

Physical Appearance: Lean build with moderately toned muscles. Short black spiked hair with the main portion towards the middle into a fauxhawk and dark brown eyes that are nearly black. Evenly tanned skin and appears to be of Asian descent.

Personality: Introverted but growing more outgoing each day. He's a quiet type of guy always hesitant to speak to others, but once he get's used to someone he'll find something for them to bond over. He's a rather shallow person when it comes to physical appearances. Overall he prefers to sit back and watch the chaos/serenity around him as the world unfolds.

Outfit: Black stealth gear or black business attire.
The stealth gear consists of mostly fitted dark cloth separated into a tunic and pants. Over that is protective gear made from varying lightweight materials. The only metal are woven mail between a sheet of dyed scales and some extra cloth. The prominent pieces of armor from top to bottom, are a hooded open face helmet, a cuirass with pauldrons,
rerebrace and vambrace that connect to gauntlets, and finally cuisses, greaves, and boots. The armor is made for mobility and is nonrestrictive around most of the joints. The main downside is that the armor requires constant maintenance to keep it at peak performing level. The armor was a memento from a fallen comrade that sought a worthy successor.
The business attire actually consists of a cloak covering the armor. On occasion finer clothes are required. Still consisting of mostly dark cloth are a shawl, linen shirt and pants, and fine boots. This is the outfit adopted by grand merchants within his father's guild.

History: The son of a wealthy merchant and a notorious assassin, Jaecer spent much of his life traveling with either of his parents learning their trades. He worked mostly as an advisor proving his worth to those around him while steering clear of the occasional problems that came with the business. Overtime he began to travel alone and eventually found himself here.

Strengths: As a merchant he is rather clever with words. As an assassin he is skilled in stealth. He is constantly thinking up scenarios and playing them through his head. Very rarely will something surprise him.

Weaknesses: Unknown as he has never failed at anything he has put his mind to as of yet. Most likely the opposite sex, his lack of field experience, or his curiosity will be the end of him.

Weapon: A ceremonial dagger given to him by his mother and the latest flintlock pistol from his father.
The dagger is quite old, ancient even, but the material is stronger than anything he has found of comparison. The blade is sharp enough that the mere weight of it will cause the blade to pierce stone. Easily concealed the blade is the perfect assassins weapon. it comes with a linen wrapping that appears to resist the sharpness of the blade. The wrapping is tied around around the handle of the blade and often wraps around the users forearm.
The pistol is of the newest design from a reclusive inventor. The craftsmanship is solid and the gun itself rather light in form. A variety of items can be fired from the barrel as it has a compressing mechanism that forms any inserted object to the desired size. The rifling add a good amount of spin to the rounds. The firing mechanism is simple and makes use of a kinetic stone. When the trigger is pulled the pin hits the stone filling it with energy which is quantified and compound inside the stone then released as a burst of energy in the direction of the round. The reload time is relatively slow, but with the aforementioned firing capabilities the gun is nearly silent aside from a small pinging noise.

Magic: Shadows - Shadows are the result of an object blocking light, also known as a caster. They have two dimensional form but are connected to the caster by another plane. This plane that links the two is not normally tangible. This form of magic allows the user to interact with the space between shadows and casters. The space allows the manipulation of one to occur with the other and so forth and in between.
The best example would be having a blades shadow push through the shadow of someones hand. The hand while not directly pierced by the blade has in fact been pierced as the shadow was pierced and the result linked through the space to the hand. While this is quite vague it means that one can cause damage to another's physical body by interacting with their intangible shadow and having the space in between link the action. This power is rather hard to control, regarding the vast number of shadows that exist in the world. The user cannot interact directly but must infuse an object with the magic to manipulate the the shadow.

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Post by Takneil Valoren on Fri Apr 17, 2015 5:54 am

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