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Book of Creation

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Book of Creation Empty Book of Creation

Post by Takneil Valoren on Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:07 am

Name: Takneil Edenore Valoren
Gender: Male
Race: Ascended Human- Braenum
Birthday: August 25th
God Age: 2 millennium
Mortal Age: 17
Height: 6'1"
Class: Warrior LVL 1.

Braenum Form: In his Braenum form Takneil takes on the very essence of creation, this causes him to look arcane and angelic. his long hair becomes Pure White and his skin grows pale as Braenumic Runes spread across his body radiating a golden glow, thick white wings sprout from his back and he gets a halo.

Takneil is only seen in this form only at times of dire need and even then the immense light from his form usually forces people to avert their eyes, though he can change this he would rather no one saw his true form for fear of ridicule...what do ya know a self conscious god.

Book of Creation 213q5pd

Mortal Form: unlike some of the Braenums, Takneil roams Drehlm in a mortal form in which he mimics the features of a Reignum giving him wolfish ears and tail. His hair is long and jet black with the exception of two strips of hair at the side remaining a pure white, Takneil loses his beard and his eyes become a sky blue with a slit.

Book of Creation 28tvzfb

Personality: Takneil is very friendly and will often approach others asking if they need help or guidance, he is very wise from his many years of roaming Drehlm and can be a very resourceful aid or just flat out company. he will often even if denied follow others just out of lat out curiosity or to just protect them with his presence.

Takneil has a unique effect on Nightmares in which they are unable to get near him without immediately starting to be erased from Drehlm he often uses this to safeguard travelers by walking with them so that he can possibly save a life maybe even make a friend or two.

he has a very playful personality and enjoys joking around with his friends or sparring with them...if this is a side effect of being in the form of a Reignum rather than a Braenum is unknown.

Outfit: Takneil a long black trench coat imbued with the essence of Draze, this causes the coat to always be shifting with darkness. when Takneil uses his magic the trims of the trench which are lined with Braenumic Runes glow golden. under the trench coat he wears a normal tank top.

History: Takneil was born on the Continent of Zaheric, he was a simple boy with an average life. nothing important happened for his childhood, he made friends and he made enemies but something happened that he would come to regret...his village was destroyed by mercenaries working for a foreign continent. all of his friends, family, everybody was killed...including the mercs. Takneil's magical abilities awoke and he created something to protect him...something to destroy all the evil in the take vengeance on those who did this to him. The being that was created slaughtered the remaining mercs and villagers alike seeing everything as a threat to it's master.

Takneil was horrified by this being and locked it away deep within Drehlm in a place so dark...a place so evil that no one would ever be able to discover it...or so he thought. something happened and creatures of complete nightmares appeared waging war against Drehlm itself, others rose into ascendancy and fought against the abominations to prevent their spread.

Once they had secured the safety of Drehlm the Braenums studied the new god making sure he wasn’t a threat to the world they protected though they kept presence a secret...well all but one. Eclipse The God of Destruction openly approached the upstart deity deciding it best to throw his support behind the ‘boy’ rather than shun him, none of the Braenums had any hints on what Takneil was capable of sense the only thing he had done was create The first Nightmare though Eclipse interfered with the boys life every now and then throwing obstacles in his way in an attempt to draw out his potential again.

nearly a millenium had passed and the only signs of being Braenum Takneil had shown was the fact he was seemingly immortal and had a godly form, though The God of Destruction looked closer and saw the small seemed that life grew around the boy.

growing impatient The Braenums summoned him to The Reality Nexus and each one challenged his skills. Takneil had yet to become a true Warrior and lacked the required talent to face the Gods but he still stood his ground refusing to turn away despite the fact he was heavily outmatched, his Valor was admirable but he failed in each challenge with the exception of the last...facing The Destruction God himself.

The battle was long and sadly one sided, Eclipse did what the others refused to do...go all out. The Reality Nexus was nearly destroyed and the others Gods spectating the battle from afar yet no matter what The God threw at him the boy managed to stand back up and still fight, relentlessly bombarding him with attacks Takneil’s Magic finally revealed itself once more in the form of restoring The Reality Nexus. Thoroughly impressed with the Braenum, Eclipse pledged his support to the child God yet the others found Takneil a threat and denied him access.

having a friend to inform him of the developments of The Nightmare Fracture Takneil roams Drehlm hunting the being’s he created  and searching for The Fracture itself.

Strengths: Using Creation Magic, appearing out of nowhere and scaring people for fun, making friends, and sparring.

Weaknesses: anything that tastes fruity, The Nightmare Fracture, touching of the tail.

Weapon: Noxus Lamina.
Noxus Lamina which means Blade of the Nightripper is a long solid black broadsword that can return the abominations spawned from the Nightmare Fracture in a single swipe...though this is starting to become difficult due to the evil it creates are seeming to evolve.

Noxus Lamina's blade used to be a gleaming golden beacon for good but through many slaughtered Nightmares it's blade has become stained with their blood corrupting the sword to being black.

while Takneil is in Mortal Form the sword takes shape of a small straight sword that he keeps on his back, Noxus Lamina is unable to strike Nightmares and simply end them in this form it requires the usual effort.

Magic: Creation magic
Being the guardian of Drehlm itself Takneil has become the essence of the magic he uses...he can create anything at his whim though he only uses this to heal Drehlm rather than amuse himself he may be a "God" but even he has his limits.


Physical Attack: 1

Physical Defense: 1

Magical Attack: 0

Magical Defense: 1

Speed: 2

Vitality: 0

Magic Skill: 0

Physical Skill: 1

Total SP Gained:6
Total SP Spent:5
Total Available SP:1

Braenum-Unique Skill.
Selects the Bonuses of two Races-Human,Reignum.[Perma-Effect]

Creation Braenums Form-Unique Skill.
Once his Mortal Form becomes weak and unable to fight his true self reveals itself unlocking the limiters he has placed on himself, any Nightmares in the area will immediately begin fading from existence due to his presence. Regens all HP,PS,MS. Can 1 hit Category 1-3 Nightmares [Activates when below 5-HP]

Soul Slash
Using Physical Attack you are able to attack with Piercing DMG which ignores Defense. [Costs 1-PS to use]

Using Physical Attack you are able to block an attack with your Physical Attack rather than your Physical Defense. [Costs 1-PS to use]

[PT] Awkward Encounters (Takneil Valoren) Not Completed...

[PT] An Untimely Departure (Takneil, Eclipse) Not Completed...

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Book of Creation Empty Re: Book of Creation

Post by Eclipse Auvrym'viir on Fri Apr 17, 2015 11:07 am


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