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Echo Sibylla Frost

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Echo Sibylla Frost Empty Echo Sibylla Frost

Post by Echo Sibylla Frost on Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:39 pm

Name: Echo Sibylla Frost
Gender: Female
Race: Draylorumnus
Birthday: April 3
Age: 16
Height: 5'4"

Physical Appearance: Echo has wispy black hair that extends two thirds down her back with bangs that frame her face. Her eyes are a vibrant light blue and her unblemished skin is of a very pale complexion. Despite her shorter frame, Echo still has a very feminine body- not on the level of a model but more developed than most. On her arms, back, and forehead she has archaic markings that mark her a Draylorumnus. Across her nose is a small scar from when her uncle cut her with the buckle of a belt.

Image link

Personality: Echo is very forward, playful, and outgoing, and her blunt, honest personality can sometimes cause her to come off as mean; she mostly has good intentions. Despite her forward personality, Echo isn't the kind of person who likes to put any time or effort into relationships with others, so she spends most of her time alone in her room on her video games as she owns several of the latest machines and an expensive high tech laptop. Because of her past, people began avoiding her and became very hateful. In light of this Echo developed a case of social anxiety- yet another contrast to her naturally outgoing nature so she spends most of her time shut up to keep herself from making hurtful relationships. She's a recluse and a home bug, but Echo, despite her cold attitude towards people, is really just extremely lonely. Echo is also very self conscious of her abilities as a skilled magician and so she covers up her markings so she can use her magic discreetly without any discovery by others. Ironically, even though she hates people knowing about her advanced abilities, she rarely reserves herself from using her powers and her skills are used excessively. Echo is also very imaginative and has a natural genius. Both of these traits help her easily solve complex problems.

Outfit: She fashions a short sleeved white hoodie-vest (the hood is almost always up) underneath of which is a black tank top. On her arms she wears fingerless lavender purple arm sleeves to cover her archaic markings, and she keeps her hair parted  in front of her face to cover the diamond mark on her forehead. Echo wears dark jean shorts with white and lavender striped thigh socks with black converse. Around her neck is a long chain necklace with a clear blue diamond jem matching her eyes- a keepsake from her mother.

History: Echo grew up normally in Thaenala with two wealthy parents and a promising future. However, when she was six her house caught fire, taking both her parents lives in the process. This is when Echo discovered her magic, later labeled 'Niflheim'. While her parents perished in their sleep, she lay asleep in her bed, her room frozen solid in a state too cold for the flames to burn. After this incident, Echo went to live with her aunt uncle in Rosiria. Unfortunately, they feared her magical prowess and she was abused for many years, giving her the scar on her nose when her uncle lashed out one day with a belt buckle. They took advantage of the money her parents left her for unknown reasons though Echo soon found out. Her Uncle had strong ties to the underworld and he was an active member of the group rumored to sell magical artifacts over the black market.  She survived under these hellish circumstances until she 12; one night a group of three men broke into her house and viciously murdered her aunt and uncle, and upon advancing towards Echo she used a power she never knew she had. The three men were petrified, but weren't frozen so they couldn't be thawed. Echo went into foster care after this incident, and even though the media covered up what really happened during the homicide, rumors slipped out that she killed the three men in cold blood. As a result of this rumor, people went out of their way to avoid her, and she soon lost all her friends. Even parents were reluctant to adopt her so she moved into a sorority  home at 14. After she turned 16, Echo left and traveled to Vakrosa  to attend the School of Scholars, where she has just arrived in an attempt to become a powerful  magician and warrior along with her goal to escape her bloody past.

Strengths: Hacking, video games, puzzles, technology, magic, immune to the cold

Weaknesses: social anxiety, becoming too emotionally invested, her combat skills

Weapon: As a result of her magic, Echo's weapon is usually formed by ice, but this side of her natural magic is very weak so she's determined to learn a new way of defending herself.

Magic: Niflheim- Echo can freeze things by lowering their temperature- whether over a wide spread area or a very specific space. Under concentration, she can form ice by freezing the air and use it to create things, but this isn't her specialty and she struggles with it greatly. In some extreme cases, as she has done once in the past, Echo can go as to petrify her target(s) permanently; though this side of her ability has only shown itself when her life is in great risk.

Level 1 Scholar
Current SP: 0


Physical Attack: 0

Physical Defense: 0

Magical Attack: 2

Magical Defense: 2

Speed: 0

Vitality: 1

Magic Skill: 2

Physical Skill Skill: 0

-Breath of Nifelheim-
using the full power of her Magic Echo is able to send a chilling blast of ice in every direction dealing damage to all enemies equally. [Deals Damage to all Enemies equal to Magic Attack+Magic Skill. Costs All Magic Skill to use]- Can only be used when HP is below half. [Unique skill]

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Echo Sibylla Frost Empty Re: Echo Sibylla Frost

Post by Takneil Valoren on Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:41 pm

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