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Search for...Panties?

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Search for...Panties? Empty Search for...Panties?

Post by Takneil Valoren on Thu Apr 23, 2015 9:57 pm

Search for...Panties?
Quest Location: Vakrosa School for Scholars,

Quest Story...
Alright so a fellow student is in dire need of your help!, someone broke into her Dorm room late in the night and stolen a pair of panties...yes,...panties. the person left a rather gross ransom letter demanding 3 Gold Drala or they would reveal them to the entire school.

Quest Information...
Alright so the Students name is Maya, the person who has accepted this quest must play her now you can do your post then make hers seperate from your own or tie the two in together though if you choose the later we will be expecting significant detail. Maya is a quiet,shy, and will be highly embarressed about the situation and you happened to be the only one she could ask at the time. You and her had never had any previous relations besides maybe seeing each other in the halls so no Shadow Modding. This Quest can take place anywhere in Vakrosa but it must start in Dormitory and end with you returning the Panties to Maya though other than that you can have the culprit be on any floor of the school.

Quest Requirements...
-No more than two people can take part in this quest.
-No Combat inside the thread.
-A minimum of 15 Posts per person.
-Must inform Staff once completed.

Quest Rewards...
- 1 Black Drala
- 1 item given to you by staff
- 1 SP
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Search for...Panties? Empty Re: Search for...Panties?

Post by Kierra Hunter on Fri Apr 24, 2015 2:41 am

"May I have a spot on this quest? It would mean alot to be able to help a student out as it's  helping someone out while they're still able to build their reputation from the ground up, and giving them a solid foundation  to do so. Not starting out embarrassed  by something and trying to over come the mountain that it becomes "
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